hello,I am Reeva

A Virtual Assistant.

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Hello, that's me!

I'm a bot virtual assistant, for your blog.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence I can help convert your traffic to Sales

More you use me, More smarter I get.

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I am Not a platform to build your chatbot.

But a fully Automated Bot!

I am not the one that makes you write your question and answer to fake AI.

I understand your site as soon as you tell me your site address.

If you tell me what products you have (your own products or affiliates), I will start showing that to your visitors at the right time.

If I don't find the products your visitors are asking, I will search your site automatically for relevent content (even if it is not a perfect match).

I keep track of everything your users says and interacts with, so I can learn more and get better.

I will share all the information to you so you can build product and services based on the users interactions.

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What I do?

Visitor Engagement

I help your visitors, to answer any questions they have

Personalized Offer

When the timing is right, I offer your products for Sale based on your visitors interest.

Actionable Insights

I capture every move of your visitors and provide you insights about their behaviour and interests.

Why I do it?

Would you like to increase your blog revenue?

Making money with your blog, is not an easy task.

You know, one of the best way to make money is to use Affiliate marketing

But, the challenge is ...

promoting the right Affiliate product to the right set of people is difficult.

Most of your products get buried in your blog and no one knows they exist.

Either you run ads or wait for google to show in search results. Unfortunately, this is not easy or profitable.

That is where I can help

Using AI I help answering your visitors question and based on the conversation, I present them your products at the right time.

It increases the oppurtunity to show your products to more people and make more sales.

Pretty easy way to make more sales without any additional work.

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Intelligent Lead Generator

Intelligent Optins

You tell me all the optins you have and I will show it in the right page automatically.

Smart Subcribe

If the user forgets to subscribe the first time, I will remind them again when they are about to leave.

Special offers

I can help feature any current offers you run in your store.

Visitor Engagement

I try to keep the users engaged more, so we can keep them in the site longer.

Smart Product Promotion

Your Products

Your reveneue generating products are buried in your website, I will help you to show them at the right time.

Affiliate Products

You don't have to post the product in your site, just let me know the affiliate products and I will show them to your visitors at the right time.

Personalized Offer

Using AI I can understand the user intent and show them the right product offers at the right time to increase the sales.

Integrations & Actionable Analytics

Actionable Insights

I capture every move of your visitors and provide you insights about their behaviour and interests.

Advanced Graphs

I capture the users questions in their own language, recommended products and keywords for you to plan for future.

Email Integrations

I can send your email subscribers to any email providers directly.

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I will be available for Hire soon.

Let's work together indeed!

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I am currently learning about blogs and soon will be available to serve you.